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An essay for POLI3077 Latin America: History, Politics, Economy and Contemporary Developments taught by Prof. George Lambie

The undoubted cause célèbre of the 1969 Holland Festival was the large-scale musictheatre piece Reconstructie , jointly authored by a team of five young composers and twolibrettists. The work, which took as its subject ‘the struggle against US…

This essay explores the themes of memory, space, and identity recounted in the film, Motor Cycle Diaries.

In this paper we show the connection between the repression of the Cuban Trotskyists from mid-1960 until their eventual banning in 1965, and the growing marginalization of the supporters of "Che" Guevara in the new revolutionary state apparatus as a…

In 2006, Che Guevara’s long-anticipated critical notes on the political economy of the USSR were published in Havana. Written outside Cuba between 1965 and 1966 and arguably his most important contribution to socialist theory, these notes were kept…

Why Cuba Succeeded, and why Bolivia Failed (With a Discussion of the use of Secondary Source Documents in Historical Analysis)

A Short History of the CIA and Destabilization of Leftist Governments in Central and South America

This paper begins by tracing a path through salient developments in semiotic theory regarding the visual. It examines the political functions of cultural and discursive semiotic systems through which graphic images and gestures are appraised,…

Book Review: Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt To Defend the Revolution Is to Defend Culture

Most theories of revolution seem to agree that certain preconditions must be met if a revolutionary situation is to arise. The peculiar contribution of Ernesto Che Guevara to understanding revolutions is that according to him such preconditions can…
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